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ANZOBJCVN for IBM i 6.1 upgrade finding objects in MPLUS library

When preparing for an IBM i 6.1 upgrade, the Analyze Object Conversion tool may identify many objects in the MPLUS library as not being able to convert. If the MPLUS objects that appear on the report are Release Level V4R5 or lower, they are obsolete objects and can safely be deleted from your system. If any of the objects that appear on the report are Release Level V5R1 or higher, please contact Bytware Technical Support for further assistance before taking any action.



Monitoring: SAP on the iSeries

If SAP is run on the iSeries, each instance is represented as a subsystem. MessengerPlus can monitor those instances to make sure they come up and don't drop, as well as jobs in that instance that need to be running. If an instance is not up, SAP GUI won't come up so it is important to constantly monitor those instances.



Monitoring: during restricted state with BRMS

Restricted state monitoring—BRMS

This section describes how to monitor and page for tape/error messages when using Backup and Recovery Media Services (BRMS). BRMS has the option of running backup jobs in a restricted state. The setup procedures for monitoring in a restricted state are different than those for non-restricted state.



Monitoring: during restricted state using GO SAVE option 21

Did you know you can be notified about inquiry messages on your cell phone, pager, or e-mail during a Save Entire System (Option 21 on the GO SAVE menu)?

MessengerPlus can monitor any message over severity 70 while in restricted state. This includes device and tape error messages, as well as inquiry messages (such as "Load next tape…")



Monitoring: DISK Monitor - Be warned of impending storage problems

The use of abnormally large amounts of disk is often the result of other problems such as a runaway job, extensive logging, or the installation of a new program without the addition of more storage to accommodate it. Running out of DASD also happens when the purchase of additional storage has been put off due to budgetary reasons—System i disks from IBM are very expensive.



QSYSMSG message queue

Creating a message queue called QSYSMSG in library QSYS will cause OS/400 to automatically send certain critical messages to this message queue. This will allow you to respond quickly to what may be a serious condition. 7 shows a sampling of some of the messages that will be routed to QSYSMSG. Simply create the message queue with the following command: