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StandGuard AntiVirus - Overview

Modern virus threats represent a major risk to your corporate data and security. Today’s multi-platform networks and connectivity mean that your System i, System p, and Linux servers can host viruses and spread them to other systems in your network. StandGuard Anti-Virus provides native protection for these platforms.

Designed for business, StandGuard Anti-Virus is built from the ground up for IBM's System i and System p servers, as well as for Linux on x86 and Domino. Powered by McAfee, StandGuard Anti-Virus provides the specialized protection and management that you need to effectively protect the key components of your network.

At the heart of StandGuard Anti-Virus is McAfee's industry leading scanning engine, ranked first in University of Hamburg Virus Test Center trials. Behind the consistent success of McAfee scans is AVERT Labs, a team of researchers spread across the globe who monitor malicious activity 365x24x7.

Customers using Bytware

  • TVM Verzekeringen - Hoogeveen

  • Florie en van den Heuvel - Nieuwegein

  • Extravar - Zoetermeer

  • Purac - Gorinchem

  • Koninklijke Zeelandia - Zieriekzee

  • NIB Capital Bank - Den Haag

  • The Greenery - Barendrecht

StandGuard AntiVirus - Support

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I cant have any virusses on my system i (i5/OS) right?
A: WRONG! You r system i is connected to your companies network and is open through the Integrated File System (IFS), HTTP-server, FTP etc. So your system i can host a virus and spread it through your companies network

Q: Cant i scan my system i (i5/OS) using a PC scanner
A: There are numerous reasons why scanning your IFS using a PC scanner is not the best solution. 

  • PC scanners cannot properly process recursive links.
  • PC scanners cannot detect viruses in UNICODE - java and html.
  • The Scanning PC can itself infect the IFS.
  • PC scanning doesn't provide On-Access Scanning
  • PC scanning doesn't provide Object Integrity Scanning
  • PC scanning doesn't provide i5/OS SMTP Mail scanning
  • more


StandGuard AntiVirus - News

What's New in Version 6.11

New faster and more efficient McAfee 5400
scanning engine:

  • Improved detection of existing, new and potential threats which increases the depth and breadth of the protection we provide.
  • Enhanced support for Adobe Flash (.swf) file format
  • Improved File Decomposition, helping us to detect more threats. Including enhanced support for the Nullsoft Installer file format.
  • Enhanced support of detection and repair for Office 12 documents as well as improved .ZIP file support.
  • We have looked at malware trends and have delivered significantly lower memory usage across all platforms when compared to the previous McAfee anti-virus scanning engines. Improved handling for potentially unwanted software such as spyware that has multiple components.

Faster updating of DAT file information, using micro-incremental DAT update files.

  • Product automatically detects when smaller 'incremental' Dat files can be used, reducing the size and time required to download daily Dat file updates.

On-access timeout option

  • You can now set the maximum number of seconds the product will spend scanning any one file during an on-access scan.