Protection for IBM i, AIX & Linux. 01


Monitoring, notification & consoling. 02


Security monitoring & audit for IBM i 03


File protection & instant recovery. 04

About Tectrade

Tectrade is a specialist storage integrator and our besiness is focused on protecting data, managing data growth and simplfying infrasructure.

Our aim is to provide organisations with the agility to rapidly deploy storage and server resources as the business demands. We achieve this by creating a centrally managed and highly available pool of storage and server resources that can be allocated and expanded with flexibility and ease.

Our customers are typically mid to large corporate and public sector organisations, managing between a terabyte and over a hundred terabytes of data.

Our customers describe us as professional, focused and helpful. We employ high quality technical and sales consultants and we do not walk away from issues when they arise.

Our experience extends across many different industries and computing environments and we have a comprehensive list of references.

As an employer, Tectrade is committed to continuous training and development at all levels and throughout the organisation. Our teams are self-motivated and we encourage innovation in all areas of our business.